Sunday, June 29, 2008 Office Trip to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Rhinebeck Aerodrome is one of my aviation lovers all time favorite places. There is no spit and polish here, just tons of fun with old airplanes. This aerodrome is not a static museum but a living recreation of an early 1900's airport. Saturday is barnstormer's day and you can easily imagine yourself on a farm field in the 1920's with all the excitement of seeing a Jennie arrive over your town for the first time. Make sure you take a ride in the 1929 New Standard D-25. Sitting in the front cockpit with the noise and the wind and the view out over the Hudson River is a real thrill. On Sundays WWI happens again, just without the mess. Watching a Fokker D VII and a Nieuport 11 duke it out low over the field is really quite a sight. Here is a link to all the planes they have flying.

On Saturday, June 29, the team at took a day trip to old Rhinebeck to watch the fun. In addition to the airshow we spent time wandering through the several museum buildings and taking to the pilots. The museum opens at 10:00 with the airshow starting at 2:00 (weather permitting). If you get there on the early side before to many other folks are there you can talk to the pilots and swap flying stories.

1911 Bleriot. The oldest flying airplane in the U.S.A.

Here is the office team in front of the row of flying vintage aircraft (From left to right: Paul, customer service; Gordon, purchasing; Joe, webmaster. Steve, Pilotwear and Diecast Office Manager, with Stan Segalla, the flying farmer. Stan does a fun routine as a farmer who accidently takes off in a Piper Cub. Watch a Clip at this link.

More great pictures from Rhinebeck from our trip

1917 Curtiss JN-4H "Jenny" 1934 De Havilland Tiger Moth

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