Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diecast Airplane Database

Every wonder if GeminiJets made a Boeing 720 model? How about if Herpa did a L-1049? Whenever you want to find information on previously produced diecast airplanes the best place to look is at the new Diecast Airplane Database brought to you through the combined efforts of www.diecastairplane.com and www.wings900.com. This database is constantly updated and is the most comprehensive list of produced diecast airplane models available. Given the nature of collectible models a large portion of the listings are sold out and no longer available, but this information can help you in your search for a rare model by giving you production numbers, dates, manufacturer's part number and more. There is also a check availability link to www.diecastairplane.com on each model. This will tell you if a model is currently available or not from diecastairplane.com.We hope you like this new feature. There is a lot of energy invested in this information and our ongoing support of the diecast airplane collector is just one more reason why diecastairplane.com is one of the premier diecast collector suppliers.