Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jet-X Sale

Select Jet-X 1:400 scale models on sale for one week only. 40% off.

The new Avro CF-105 Arrow in 1:72 Scale is due in tomorrow. This model is close to sold out so order soon to get one of these. They are sure to be highly collectable.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Alaska Bush Pilot DVD

Pilotwear & Aviation Supermart News • March 25, 2010

Alaska's Bush Pilots "The Real Deal" (DVD)

"Alaska's Bush Pilots . . .The Real Deal" was recently filmed in the wilds of Alaska in high-definition by Jim Oltersdorf Film Productions of the Kenai Peninsula. It is a compelling, vibrant story of the great far north and the modern day pilots. Their aircraft are unbelievable! The film includes magnificent scenery of this raw and dangerous wilderness along with footage of spectacular giant Alaskan brown bears, eagles, moose, caribou and a host of other wildlife.

Many of his front covers that have graced the nation's largest aviation magazines are presented in this educational and interesting documentary!

This HD DVD documentary was directed and filmed by Jim Oltersdorf who has a one-hour TV special on The Discovery Channel's HD Theater that is currently airing worldwide. Entitled, "The Risk Takers 2...High Risk Photographer Jim Oltersdorf", Oltersdorf is also showcased on The History Channel's "Monster Quest" amongst other TV outdoor-type shows.

This documentary is interlaced with in-depth and exciting interviews of these courageous pilots as they recall many different stories of their experiences in the remote wilderness.

Some scenes are quite hilarious and others are serious and heart-pounding. In some of the tales they speak about the rescues of stranded fellow pilots, how they fly these incredible airplanes and the magnificence of their job. There is even a heart-rendering story about a father flying his children 40 miles from their remote wilderness home to go fishing at "a better spot"! Fun for the entire family!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GeminiJets Alaska 737-200 Salmon Three Salmon Livery gets 5 star rating

Alaska Airlines is notorious for having very memorable liveries. Of all these great liveries my favorite has finally been replicated by Gemini Jets. Salmon Three Salmon and its beautiful artwork was been perfectly scaled right down to the artists signature to the aft. Only the 737 is capable of making a salmon look graceful. Gemini Jets and their attention to detail perfectly represent this. Another must have for any collector. Wonderful job Gemini Jets, thank you so much for releasing this great model.

View this model directly.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Customer Model Display

A customer sent me some pictures of his model display recently and I'd like to share them with you. We love to collect pictures of our customers' collections. If you'd like to share photos with us please email them to

Thursday, March 18, 2010

GeminiJets American 777 Product Review

Tony G just posted a new review

For so long I have waited for anyone to come out with the 777. I am so glad that Gemini Jets was the first to fulfill my fantasy. This model is among the best. It has that quality that only Gemini Jets has the knowledge to bring fourth. If you collect 1:200 scale, or love the beauty of this aircraft you would be wise to add this stunning masterpiece to your collection. This model is beautifully detailed, one aspect of the model that kept me mesmerized for hours was the exquisite detail of the Trent 800s, they are simply beautiful. An absolute must have.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

JC Wings April Preorder and Jet-X 40% off sale

JC Wings preorder and Jet X Sale

JC wings announcement for April releases are posted below.

Select JetX 1:400 models up to 40% off, click here

url ItemName MSRP Sale Price
JC Wings 400 due in April
JC4TAA092 Trans Australian DC-9-32 "Coral Islander" (1:400) 33.95 28.95
JC4JAC076 Japan Air Commuter Saab 340 (1:400) 31.95 26.95
JC4ASU084 Aerosur 747-400 "Super Turismo" (1:400) 39.95 33.95
JC4BOX088 Aerologic 777-200f (1:400) 39.95 33.95
JC4NAL089 ANA/NAL Fokker 50 (1:400) 31.95 26.95
JC4NAL123 JAL 777-300 "Doraemon" (1:400) 39.95 33.95
JC Wings 200 due in April
JC2JAL081 JAL 727-100 "Old Colors" (1:200) 75.95 63.95
JC2AVA090 Avianca Fokker 100 "Old Colors" (1:200) 59.95 49.95
JC2RAF083 Royal Air Force VC-10 "White" (1:200) 71.95 59.95
JC2VAA085 Virgin America Airbus 320 (1:200) 49.95 41.95
JC2KAL Korean Air Airbus 300 (1:200) 89.95 74.95

Friday, March 12, 2010

GeminiJets 1:200 Pan Am L-1011 due in April

Diecast Airliner News - March 12, 2010

**** Breaking News: GeminiJets Announces Pan Am L-1011 1:200 scale for April release ****

Plus here are some more great new items coming from Inflight

March coupon code is MARCHFORWARD.

Save 10% and still get free shipping on orders over $100

url photo Item Name RetailPrice BasePrice
GeminiJets Special Announcement
G2PAA178 Pan Am L-1011-500 (1:200) 89.95 76.95
Inflight new preorder items
IF722038 Iraqi Airways 727-200 ~YI-AGL (1:200) 105.95 88.95
IF722039 Iraqi Airways 727-200 ~YI-AGM (1:200) 105.95 88.95
IF738004 Turkish Airlines 737-800 OFB ~TC-JCY (1:200) 89.95 74.95
IF738005 Turkish Airlines 737-800 OFB ~TC-JFE (1:200) 89.95 74.95
IF732049 Canadian Proud 737-200 ~C-GCPP (1:200) 81.95 68.95
IF738003 Egypt Air 737-800 ~SU-GCR (1:200) 89.95 74.95
IF80021 United DC-8-62 "Rainbow" ~N8969U (1:200) 131.95 109.95
IF103034 Korean Air DC-10-30 ~HL-7328 (1:200) 187.95 156.95
IF70055 USAF C-137-C (1:200) 131.95 109.95

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Century Wings New arrivals. Hobby Master and SkyMax new announcements

Diecast Warbird Update at - March 10, 2010

Century Wings - F-14 AJ200 arrived yesterday.

Hobby Master Planes - June preorder models have been posted.

SkyMax - New preorder models are posted including an interesting new model, the T5 Jet Provost.

Hobby Master Armor - June preorder models are posted.

url photo ItemName RetailPrice BasePrice
Century Wings new arrival
CW729025 F-14A Tomcat USN VF-84 Jolly Rogers, AJ200, USS Theodore Roosevelt, Operation Desert Storm, 1991 (1:72) - Now in Stock 99.95 89.95
Hobby Master June Preorders
HA7305 Grumman F3F-1 VF-7, USS Wasp (CV-7), Neutrality Patrol, 1940 (1:48) 61.95 54.95
HA2903 A-1H Skyraider VA-25 "Fist of the Fleet", USS Midway, 1964 (1:72) 58.95 52.95
HA1917 F-4J Phantom II No. 74 Squadron, Royal Air Force, 1990 (1:72) 59.95 54.95
HA2006 Nakajima B5N2 "Kate" IJN Carrier Soryu, Pearl Harbor, 1941 (1:72) 48.95 43.95
HA1950 RF-4E Kai Shark Mouth, 501st Squadron, Japan Air Self-Defense Force (1:72) 61.95 54.95
Skymax new preorder models
SM7001 Jet Provost T5 ~XW289 (1:72) 39.95 34.95
SM1006 F8F-2 Bearcat VF-61 "Jolly Rogers," USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1949 (1:72) 39.95 34.95
Hobby Master Armor new preorder models

Click here for the complete in stock and preorder Hobby Master Armor list.
HG3609 M24 Chaffee 719th Armored Regiment, Belgian Army (1:72) 23.95 21.95
HG3610 M24 Chaffee Spanish Sahara Crisis, 1957 (1:72) 23.95 21.95
HG4101 Marder III (Sd.Kfz.139) Tank Destroyer 7th Panzer Division, 42nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, Russia, 1942 (1:72) 24.95 21.95
HG3906 Opel Blitz Cargo Truck 1st SS Panzergrenadier Division "LAH," Kharkov, March, 1943 (1:72) 24.95 21.95
HG4202 Willys MB Jeep 1944 (1:72) 22.95 19.95
HG3807 M8 Light Armored Car III Corps, Republic of Korea Army, Yongwoi, 1951 (1:72) 24.95 21.95
HG3907 Opel Blitz Cargo Truck 8th Gebirgsjager Division, Bologna, 1945 (1:72) 24.95 21.95

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dragon Warbirds on Sale - 40% Discount

Dragon Warbirds Sale at

Click here for three pages of 1:72 warbirds at 40% off
Our Dragon Wings 1:400 scale sale was a huge success. We went back to the distributor to see what they could do for us with the Warbird line and we were able to pull together a list of sale items, some of which they didn't even know they still had in stock! Stock is extremely limited on most models in the sale.