Friday, March 25, 2011

Diecast Warbird News - New Premium Line: X Plus

Diecast Warbird News from

New Line: X Plus is a new, premium-level line of 1/72 and 1/144 die cast metal warbirds!


These models are the most detailed die cast aircraft ever manufactured, with a manufacturing time equating to almost three times that of other models. The company’s extensive design and manufacturing experience has allowed it to create airplane models with previously-unseen levels of quality and detail.  From panel lines that are the finest possible with today’s die cast technology to intricate painting – the Japanese F-4EJ has 75 tampo prints just on the sidewinder rack! – and a minimal use of plastic parts, these models and the craftsmanship involved will satisfy even the most discerning collector.


The first Heavy Metal products – 1/72 scale F-4 Phantoms (replicating aircraft from the 1970s) and 1/144 scale Mitsubishi Zeros (replicating Japanese fighters engaged in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor) – begin to reveal the diversity of models that X Plus will be creating.  They’ll begin shipping in June so order soon to not miss out on the first release models.

And more New items are announced by Gulliver Models and Witty Sky Guardians Europe. Not a lot for those of you collecting only US liveries, but for international collectors, the Fairy Gannet has proven quite popular, and a JASDF F-86F is a real treat.

url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
Sky Guardians Europe June Preorder
SGE72002-04 Fairey Gannet ECM.6 "XG797," 831 Naval Air Squadron, RAF Watton (1:72) 74.95 67.95
SGE72002-05 Fairey Gannet AS.4 "UA+112," Marinefliegergeschwader 3, German Navy, 1980s (1:72) 74.95 67.95
SGE72002-06 Fairey Gannet AS.1 "ANGK LAUT," Indonesian Navy, 1962 (1:72) 74.95 67.95
SGE72002-07 Fairey Gannet AS.1 "XA331," Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Melbourne (1:72) 74.95 67.95
Gulliver models June Preorder
WA22083 JASDF F-86F "Blue Impulse" ~02-7960 (1:72) 59.95 49.95
Hobby Master June Preorder (one new item added)
HA3303 RF-5E Tigereye 5501, Republic of China Air Force, Hualien Air Base, 2008  (1:72) 89.95 79.95
X-Plus Models June Preorder
XP330098 F-4B Phantom II VF-111 "Sundowners," 1975 (1:72) 135.95 119.95
XP330081 F-4EJ Kai 8th Squadron, "Black Panthers," Japan Air Self-Defense Force, 2008 (1:72) 145.95 129.95
XP330012 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95
XP330067 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Kaga, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95
XP330029 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Soryu, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95
XP330050 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Hiryu, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95
XP330043 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Shokaku, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95
XP330074 Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero IJN Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:144) 33.95 29.95

Friday, March 11, 2011

Aviation 72: New diecast warbird series available for preorder

Diecast Warbird Collector News at

New Preorder Items due Summer/Fall 2011

We are thrilled to bring this new range of 1/72 scale, limited edition, die cast warplane models to North America. Aviation 72 is a great addition to the growing universe of die cast airplane models and further evidence that our hobby is truly vital and flourishing – the expansion of choices is good for your customers and good for you, too, as it provides more variety, more opportunities, and more interest for collectors of all types.


Aviation 72 products, which replicate aircraft ranging from World War II’s Tiger Moth primary trainer (in which so many of “The Few” who won the Battle of Britain learned to fly) to Saab’s advanced, delta-winged Draken and Viggen Cold War-era jet fighters, are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping this summer. Perfectly compatible with existing die cast warbird collections yet made up of previously unavailable, “exotic” European aircraft types, this line – which is fully-featured with opening cockpits, optional-position landing gear and display stands – will be a wonderful resource for seasoned collectors and for new collectors alike.

Plus from Falcon Models the first-ever, 1/72 scale, die cast model of an F-86D. This is a wonderful re-creation of the original, right down to the distinctive profile and nose radome.

url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
Aviation 72 Preorder
AV7226001 DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 WP790, Aircraft Heritage Centre, London Colney (1:72) 44.95 39.95
AV7221001 DH.82A Tiger Moth R4922, Imperial War Museum Duxford (1:72) 44.95 39.95
AV7222001 Folland Gnat T.1 XP505, Science Museum at Wroughton, Swindon (1:72) 44.95 39.95
AV7223001 Hawker Sea Hawk FB.5 WM969, Imperial War Museum Duxford (1:72) 54.95 49.95
AV7241001 Saab J 35J Draken 35556, Linkoping-Malmen, Sweden, 2010 (1:72) 59.95 54.95
AV7242001 Saab AJS 37 Viggen F7 Wing, Swedish Air Force, International Air Tattoo, 1995 (1:72) 59.95 54.95
AV7225001 Scottish Aviation Bulldog Series 120/121 XX693, PFA Suffolk Costal Strut, Boxted, 2006 (1:72) 44.95 39.95
AV7224001 Westland Gazelle HCC.4 XW855, RAF Museum Hendon (1:72) 44.95 39.95
Falcon Models Preorder
FA723001 F-86D Sabre 519th Air Defense Group, 75th FIS "Tiger Sharks," 1953 (1:72) 47.95 38.95
FA722005 T-33A Shooting Star Flying Training Command, Republic of China Air Force Academy (1:72) 42.95 34.95

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hobby Master and SkyMax June Preorder Military Aircraft

Diecast Warbird Update from

WittyWings - the new Tornado model is arriving next week.

HobbyMaster - The June preorder announcement list is posted

Staff pick - FB-111A from Pease AFB

SkyMax - June preorders

photo Item Name Retail Sale Price
Witty Sky Guardians arriving soon    
Tornado F-3 Firebirds 56 Sqn 90th Anniversary (1:72) 71.95 53.95
HobbyMaster Warbirds - June Preorders    
Spitfire Mk.XIV Squadron Leader W. G. Dodd, No. 402 Squadron, RCAF, 1944 (1:48) 67.95 59.95
F4B-4 VB-2, Section Five Leader, USS Lexington, 1930s (1:48) 67.95 59.95
Fw 190F-8 "White 6," I./SG 4, Northern Italy, 1944 (1:48) 67.95 59.95
Hawker Fury Mk.I G.I.A.P.C., Tancos, 1934 (1:48) 67.95 59.95
A-4K Skyhawk No. 2 Squadron, RNZAF Base Ohakea, 1988 (1:72) 61.95 54.95
F-2A 6 Hikotai, 50th Anniversary Scheme, Tsuiki Air Base, 2009 (1:72) 67.95 59.95
F-4B Phantom II VF-41 "Black Aces," CVW-19, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (1:72) 69.95 62.95
F-22 Raptor U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC), Nellis AFB, 2006 (1:72) 79.95 71.95
FB-111A Aardvark New Hampshire Special, 509th Bomb Wing, Pease AFB, 1974 (1:72) 89.95 79.95
TBM-3 Avenger VT-84, USS Bunker Hill, April, 1945 (1:72) 55.95 49.95
Ju 52/3m Iberia, 1952 (1:144) 55.95 49.95
SkyMax June Preorder    
Aichi D3A1 Val IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi, Pearl Harbor, December, 1941 (1:72) 51.95 46.95
F8F-2 Bearcat VF-72, USS Leyte (CV-32), Philippines, 1954 (1:72) 39.95 34.95