Thursday, March 14, 2013

InFlight and Hobby Master Preorder Announcements

InFlight and Hobby Master Announcements

March 14, 2013 -
We are now able to be able to tell you about 4 new models from Inflight 200 models which will be released in the very near future. The first two are American Boeing 747 models which will be spectacular in the all over polished finish. The next two models are very limited to only 100 pieces each and these are the USAF KC-10 prototype which was registered N110KC. The other very limited edition models is the ALITALIA 777 which is different form the first release which carries the new registration number EI-DBL and again this is limited to only 100 models and with the first release selling out very quickly we expect this one to do the same. All these mdoels come with a limited edition card as do all the other Inflight 200 Models
Another great lineup from Hobby Master included their first M48AS Patton Tank
url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
InFlight 200 Preorder News
IF7410213AP American Airliner 747-100 (1:200) Polished 219.95 168.95
IF7410213BP American Freighter 747-100F N9666 (1:200) Polished 219.95 168.95
IF777016 Alitalia 777-200 EI-DBL (1:200) 139.95 118.95
IFKC10PRO13 USAF KC-10A Delivery Colors (1:200) 195 158.95
Hobby Master 200 Preorder news
HL1108 Balair Fokker F-27 Friendship, "HB-AAU," 1970s (1:200) 69.95 62.95
HL5010 Balair Douglas DC-6B, "HB-IBS," 1980 (1:200) 71.95 64.95
Hobby Master 1:72 Preorder News
HA2808 F-22A Raptor, 49th Wing, Holloman AFB, New Mexico (1:72) 84.95 74.95
HA3012 EF-111A Raven, 429th ECS, 27th FW, USAF, "Operation Provide Comfort & Southern Watch," Incirlik, Turkey, 1994 (1:72) 84.95 77.95
HA3209 B-26 Invader, 34 Squadron, Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force, 1958 (1:72) 79.95 69.95
HA3817 F-16A Fighting Falcon, "First Jet Squadron," 117 Squadron, Israeli Air Force, Ramat David Airbase, 1981 (1:72) 74.95 67.95
HA4102 Sea Harrier FA2, No. 899 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy FAA, HMS Invincible,  Bosnia Conflict, 1994 (1:72) 71.95 64.95
Hobby Master 1:48 Preorder News
HA7012 B-239 Buffalo, "White 7," Lt. Hans Wind,  1/LeLv 24, Finnish Air Force, Suulajarvi Airbase, 1943 (1:48) 74.95 67.95
HA8305 Spitfire HF.Mk.Ixc, Otto Smik, No. 312 Squadron, RAF, 1944 (1:48) 79.95 69.95
HA8402 P-47D Thunderbolt, Lt. Col. Benjamin Mayo, 84th Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group, USAAF, RAF Duxford, 1944 (1:48) 84.95 76.95
Hobby Master Military Armor Preorder
HG5402 M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, U.S. Army, Battle of the Bulge (1:72) 39.95 34.95
HG5501 M48A3 Patton USMC, Vietnam War (1:72) NEW TOOL! 39.95 34.95
HG7007 JS-2 Heavy Tank Red Army, "Prey Tank," WWII (1:72) 39.95 34.95

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