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Lancaster Diorama, Hobby Master arrivals, and New Oxford Military Vehicles

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April 26, 2013
New Item:
We are excited to announce a really unique new product: A complete, 1:32 scale diorama featuring RAF 617 Squadron commander Guy Gibson, his crew, and a portion of the Lancaster bomber they flew on Operation Chastise, the famous "Dambusters Raid" of 1943!

Unparalleled in scope, this complete, Limited Edition set includes:
- The entire 7-man crew. Made of metal, each figure is hand painted with incredible detail. You can literally see the anticipation in their faces.
- The rear portion of their Lancaster. Made of resin, it has precisely scribed panel lines, all the proper markings, and a crew ladder.
- A simulated tarmac display base and a diorama backdrop.

You haven't seen anything like this before because nothing like this has been done before. But W. Britain, a 120-year-old company famous for leading the "toy soldier" industry, has pulled it off like no one else could.

It is a Limited Edition set that will ship on a first-come, first-served basis.
Oxford Models
Here is an upcoming lineup of realling interesting military vehicles. The scale of 1:76 is a little odd, but they will sit fine with 1:72 models, and these are trucks I've never seen before.
Hobby Master
The latest Hobby Master aircraft models have arrived!
url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
New from W. Britain. Preorder today
WB25017 Lancaster RAF Squadron 617, Commander Guy Gibson and Crew "Dambusters Raid 1943" 1:32 Scale Diorama 349.95 329.95
Hobby Master Aircraft New Arrivals
HA3207 A-26B Invader"Versatile Lady," Capt. Tony Curto, 13th Bomb Squadron, 3rd Bomb Wing, Iwakuni AB, South Korea, March, 1951 (1:72) 79.95 69.95
HA3531 F/A-18B Hornet, No. 3 Squadron, RAAF Williamtown Base, 2006 (1:72) 77.95 69.95
HA2510 F-105D Thunderchief, "Polish Glider," Major Don Kutyna, 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 355th Tactical Fighter Wing, Takhli RTAFB, 1970 (1:72) 79.95 69.95
HA3406 Mitsubishi T-2, 21st Fighter Training Squadron, 4th Air Wing, JASDF, Matsushima Air Base, 2003 (1:72) 74.95 67.95
HA3811 F-16C Fighting Falcon, 421st Fighter Squadron "Black Widows," 388th Fighter Wing, Balad Air Base, Iraq, 2006 (1:72) 74.95 67.95
HA8207 F4U-1A Corsair, VMF-111 "Devil Dogs"  Gilbert Islands, Sept, 1944 (1:48), Flaps Down Version 79.95 69.95
HL7007 Swissair DC-7C "HB-IBK" (1:200) 79.95 69.95
Oxford Diecast Military Vehicles Preorder
76AEC008 AEC Matador Artillery Tractor British Army  (1:76) 19.95 17.95
76AEC009 AEC Matador Artillery Tractor RAF, Malta Desert  (1:76) 19.95 17.95
76AEC010 AEC Matador Artillery Tractor Royal Navy (1:76) 19.95 17.95
76AEC011 AEC Matador Flatbed RAF (1:76) 19.95 17.95
76AK014 Austin K8 Welfare Ambulance British Civil Defence  (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76MH017 Mechanical Horse with Flatbed Trailer Royal Army Service Corps  (1:76) 16.95 14.95
76MWD001 Bedford MWD Truck British Army, "Mickey Mouse" Camoflauge  (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76MWD002 Bedford MWD Truck British Army, Desert Camoflauge (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76MWD003 Bedford MWD Truck RAF  (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76OWB001 Bedford OWB Bus Royal Navy (1:76) 21.95 19.95
76OWB002 Bedford OWB Bus Ministry of Supply  (1:76) 21.95 19.95
76SV004 Standard Vanguard RAF  (1:76) 6.95 5.95
76TIL001 Austin Tilly 9th Survey Regiment Royal Artillery (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76TIL002 Austin Tilly 51st Highland Division  (1:76) 7.95 6.95
76WO002 Wolseley 18/85 British Army  (1:76) 6.95 5.95
SP065 AEC Matador Tractor & Bedford MWD 2 Piece Set  (1:76) 24.95 21.95

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