Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preorder News from Hobby Master, Century Wings, and Falcon Models

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May 16, 2013
Whew, usually May is the slowest month of the year, but this year it is one of the busiest both with orders and preorders. There have been lots of exciting new releases and this list is no exception.
Hobby Master
P-51D Mustang "Paul 1," Col. Paul H. Poberezny (1:48). We are thrilled to announce a special Signature Edition Hobby Master Model shipping in July!
This unique and limited production 1/48 scale P-51 Mustang - which will come in both a signed and un-signed version - will replicate "Paul 1," flown by Col. Paul H. Poberezny, Founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association.
Century Wings
Announcing the next 2 Century Wings releases that will be arriving on our shores this October. This will be a split run of the A-6 Intruder. Because this is a split run, the production quantity of 750 each is much lower then they have been in the past.
Falcon Models
Between 1985 and 1989, twenty-five modified Kfir C.1s were leased to the U.S. Navy and Marines and designated the F-21A Kfir. Now, you can add these unique pieces of U.S. Military history to your inventory! Along with a JASDF F-86D Sabre Dog, we think this lineup will fly off the shelves!
url photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
FA723010 F-86D Sabre Dog 103rd Squadron, 2nd Air Wing, JASDF (1:72) 59.95 54.95
FA729002 F-21A Kfir #28 VF-43, U.S. Navy, 1985-89 (1:72) 66.95 59.95
FA729003 F-21A Kfir #2 VMFT-401, USMC, 1985-88 (1:72) 66.95 59.95
CW001602 A-6E VA-75 Sunday Puncher AG514 Black Nose Version (1:72) 129.99 116.99
CW001603 KA-6D US Navy VA-145 SWORDSMEN (NE-522/151810) (1:72) 129.99 116.99
HA7721A P-51D Mustang "Paul 1," Col. Paul H. Poberezny (1:48) - Signature Edition 109.95 99.95
HA7721 P-51D Mustang "Paul 1," Col. Paul H. Poberezny (1:48) 82.95 74.95

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