Saturday, May 9, 2015

InFlight 200 Preorder news

Preorder News from InFlight200

May 9, 2015 -
Weekend news update! This is one of the best preorder lists from InFlight 200 in a long time. Many of you have been asking for years for the American B720 and it's finally on the upcoming list. The other models from ANZ, Qantas, Philippines and more are all great as well.
url Photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price
IF27200715P American Airlines 720-023B N7540A Polished, With Stand (1:200) $127.95 $89.95
IF2742PAL0615PA Philippine Airlines 747-2F6B N741PR Polished, With Stand (1:200) $209.95 $169.95
IF2742PAL0615PB Philippine Airlines 747-2F6B N744PR "Mabuhay Chicago" Polished, With Stand (1:200) $209.95 $169.95
IF277730615 TAAG Angola Airlines 777-3M2/ER D2-TEG With Stand (1:200) $159.95 $125.95
IF744ANZ0515 Air New Zealand 747-419 ZK-NBS With Stand (1:200) $189.95 $159.95
IF744QFA0515 Qantas 747-438 VH-OJA With Stand (1:200) $189.95 $159.95
IFDC100615P Western Airlines DC-10-10 N912WA Polished (1:200) $197.95 $165.95

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