Saturday, June 6, 2015

Preorder news from Dragon, InFlight, JFox and Skymarks

Preorder news from Dragon, InFlight, JFox and Skymarks

June 6, 2015 -
If you are lucky you are off fishing on this beautiful June weekend, but even though I'm not fishing I get to enjoy planning for these new release models.

Dragon Wings has done a limited new run of the Apollo 11 Saturn V. These sold out quickly the first time around so be sure to grab one this time if you missed the first round.
InFlight is doing two movie model releases. Both 747's. One from Airport 75 and one from Airport 77. If you are a aviation movie buff these will be great collector's items.

JFox is doing a 1:200 ANA A350-900 in two versions: Flaps up and Flaps down. Hard to choose which way I like this mold best.

Skymarks, too, has a few exciting new releases including 737-800s from Sun Country and Alaska and in both 1:130 standard release and 1:100 scale Skymarks Supreme versions.

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url Photo Item Name MSRP Sale Price Coupon Price
Dragon Rerelease
DRW56111 Apollo 11 - Saturn V Rocket 40th Anniversary (1:400) $45.95 $35.95 $32.35
InFlight Preorder News
IF7471975P Airport '75 Movie, Columbia 747 N9675, Polished, With Stand (1:200) $209.95 $169.95 $152.95
IF7471977P Airport '77 Movie, Stevens Corporation 747, N23S, Polished, With Stand (1:200) $209.95 $169.95 $152.95
JFox Preorder News
JFI-A350-003DF ANA All Nippon Airways A350-900 JA359A, Flaps Down, With Stand (1:200) $157.95 $129.95 $116.95
JFI-A350-003UP ANA All Nippon Airways A350-900 JA359A, Flaps Up, With Stand (1:200) $157.95 $129.95 $116.95
SkyMarks Preorder news
SKR755 Sun Country 737-800 N818SY (1:130) $41.95 $33.95 $30.55
SKR792 Alaska 737-800 "Employee Powered" (1:130) $51.95 $41.95 $37.75
SKR8235 Sun Country 737-800 N818SY with Wood Stand (1:100) $149.95 $119.95 $107.95
SKR8246 Alaska 737-800 "Employee Powered" With Gear & Wood Stand (1:100) $211.95 $169.95 $152.95
SKR834 Etihad Airways 787-9 (1:200) $53.95 $43.95 $39.55
SKR836 Iberia A330-300 (1:200) $43.95 $35.95 $32.35
SKR843 Azerbaijan 787-8 (1:200) $45.95 $36.95 $33.25

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